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Who is Buzz Neons?

Buzz Neons is an actual Australian LED neon sign builder

so you’re in the market for a neon sign, you’ve come across 20 odd websites and you’ve nutted out the cheapest supplier. 

Sweet. The price is right, you click through to check out, but its now an extra charge for hanging hardware. Hmm. Need a controller? that’s extra too.

Back to researching, and you’ve found it. Everything is included, the price is decent. Gimme.

but you’ve now checked the shipping and even with rush shipping its 5-7 days, MAYBE, and not guarenteed anyway. So what do you do you?

You take the punt, receive tracking from China and wait 2 weeks for your sign. It’s been a month.

At Buzz Neons, we’re not here to pull the wool over your eyes,

95% of the neon signs sold in Australia are drop shipped from asia. There isn’t any problem with this, as the quality and warranty is great. But nothing beats Aussie made! 

We have a workshop in Botany with both co2 Laser and ATC CNC machinery that accurately and professionally cut our material for hand installation.

What makes us different?

We use Generation 2 LED strip and silicone covers. This is the latest technology. Less joins, a neater finish and the LED is recessed into the acrylic. This give you an overall better product and can be produced way quicker.

We don’t stuff you around with Discount codes and tactics to make you rush into a purchase. our prices are fixed low. We know what the product costs us and what we want to sell it for. We don’t need to offer stupid flash sales.

We’ve provided signs for huge clients and have the same processes and quality for a desk sign or a wedding neon! Be assured that you’ll be receiving a quality product no matter the size or scope. 

Our signs are made within 3 days from approval and payment and we can have them shipped straight after that ( usually 3-7 days ) We can’t guarantee the exact date but we don’t have snail mail and rush orders – its all express! You can pick up from our factory though!

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Our Services

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Buzz Neons offers huge discounts for corporate and business signage. If you have a requirement for 5 or more items we can knock a pretty huge dent into the supply of your order, for two reasons

  • Freight savings – a heavy cost of neon signs is freight, we can bundle your orders into 1 package and can pass on those savings.
  • Design and approval time – With a repeat order, we can save on administration and approval sign offs.


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Hand made to order

Your sign is designed, CNC cut and the LED strip is hand formed to create your finished product.

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We build our signs inhouse! you get pricing direct from the manufacturer

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Pre wired

All signs are supplied with a Driver, Australian plug and dimmer control. Simply plug and play

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Easy to install

All signs come with a free mounting kit and instructions

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Australian support

We are here in Sydney. Come to our warehouse or call any time!

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